Topics in Jewish Studies: The Jewish-Christian Encounter: On the Possibility of Dialogue


A priest, rabbi and minister walk into a bar…This introductory course reflects on the evolving relations between Jews and Christians throughout history. It will be divided into four parts. In the first part, we will discuss the historical challenges to Jewish-Christian dialogue: What has prevented Jews and Christians from talking to each other? In the second part, we will study historical examples of Jewish-Christian dialogue: What has brought Jews and Christians together in the past? In the third part, we will consider the modern challenges to Jewish-Christian dialogue, specifically the Holocaust. We will end the course by discussing what we can learn from recent examples of Jewish-Christian partnership including the American Jewish Committee’s involvement with Vatican II and evangelical support for the modern state of Israel.

Area of Interest:

  • Jewish Philosophy and Thought


Day/Time Instructors Location
M13-15 TBA TBA