Modern Jewish Women’s History



This course examines the role of Jewish women in modern history, focusing on the lives of a selection of outstanding or influential Jewish women from the late eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In this period, Jewish women shaped the Jewish family, while founding educational intuitions and philanthropic organizations for Jews. Jewish women also played leading roles in movements that changed the face of modern society, including suffrage, feminism, socialism, communism, Zionism, civil rights movements, and modern art and literature. The course is also framed around the concept of “East and West”, asking how the experiences of Jewish women in Eastern Europe differed from Jewish women in Western Europe and North America (and where Palestine, and later Israel, should be situated within the East/West framework). Lectures will compare and contrast the experiences of Jewish women from the East and the West who were working towards similar goals.


Area of Interest:

  • Jewish History and Social Sciences


Day/Time Instructors Location
R4-6 Maris Rowe-McCulloch SK 348