Jewish Music, History, and Culture


Jewish Music is as diverse as the Jewish communities in which it is made, and experienced. Indeed, music-making in the Jewish world is marked by ongoing confluence, influence and appropriation of Jewish and non-Jewish cultures. Against this background, this course pursues a broad and varied survey of the musicmaking practices of Jewish communities throughout the world, spanning many different historical periods. Through these explorations students will gain insight into the cultural life and practices within and beyond Jewish communities, religious practices, social conditions and histories of a wide array of Jewish communities, from Central Asia and the Middle East through Eastern and Western Europe and all the way to North America, exploring the role of music in both secular and religious communal life. Drawing upon diverse written and sonic sources, this course will build upon CJS 200/201. No musical training or previous background in music are required.

Breadth Requirement: None.

Area of Interest:

  • Jewish Cultures, Languages, and Literatures


Day/Time Instructors Location
R4–6 Lemish, Noam TBA