Introduction to Jewish Thought


The course explores several fundamental debates in Jewish thought from the Bible to today. They deal with such issues as: How do and should Jews understand their collective community and their place in it as individuals? Who belongs to, may join, or might be excluded from the community? What obligations to God, other Jews, or other human beings come with membership in the community? What gives these obligations their authority and may this authority be legitimately challenged or even denied?  Through these debates, the course showcases the diversity of Jewish thought in its exposition of seminal texts. But they will be studied not only for their historical interest, but also – indeed, primarily – as living document that Jewish communities today still discuss as they continue to debate these issues. In other words, students will themselves join the debates and discussions that constitute the tradition of Jewish thought. 

Area of Interest:

  • Jewish Philosophy and Thought


Day/Time Instructors Location
T12-14 Goldberg, Sol TBA