Introduction to Jewish Culture


2016 Theme: Sephardic Perspectives

This introductory course considers the history and culture of the Jews of the Iberian Peninsula (Sephardim, in Hebrew), from the medieval so-called “Golden Age” to the present. Topics include: Jewish texts from al-Andalus (Muslim Spain) and Christian Europe, the traumatic 1492 expulsion of Jews from Spain, the flourishing of Sephardic Jewry in Islamic Empires (Morocco and Ottoman lands), Sephardic Jewish communities in Western Europe, the Caribbean and North America, Sephardic life in early 20th century Palestine and the State of Israel. Breadth Requirement: Creative and Cultural Representations (1).

Area of Interest:

  • Jewish Cultures, Languages, and Literatures
  • Jewish History and Social Sciences


Day/Time Instructors Location
Nizri, Yigal
Ross, Jill
Schroeter, Daniel
Zemon Davis, Natalie