Digital Humanities in Jewish Studies


The digital environment offers an ever-growing set of tools which aim to enhance scholarly research: new methods to search for and locate research materials, better ways with which to analyze, study and manipulate these materials, and new platforms through which to share and disseminate results. The “Digital Humanities”, a growing stream of scholarly activity, is aiming to increase the production and availability of such tools and thus support the production of new scholarly knowledge. 

The course will offer students at the Tannenbaum Centre for Jewish Studies a solid understanding of the foundations of ‘Digital Humanities’ as well as a ‘digital toolbox’ that will support their ongoing academic endeavours. As well, by looking at the Jewish experience in history as closely related to practices of production, consumption and communication of knowledge, the course will offer students a broader framework in which to locate ‘Digital Humanities’ within the field of Jewish studies. Thus, we will trace some of the manifestations of the concept of ‘Jewish knowledge’ through explorations into Jewish book culture, to specific manifestations of Jewish historical and geographical knowledge and into Jewish techniques and attitudes towards the collection, preservation and custodianship of knowledge.

The course will provide students with skills which are both theoretical and practical, and encourage critical thinking, participation and creativity. No computer programming skills are required, just an eagerness to explore a new and exciting field of study and engagement, and its implications and uses in current scholarly practices. Students will be evaluated based on participation, online blog activity, completion of reading assignments and the value and quality of their final project. 

Breadth Requirement: TBD.

Area of Interest:

  • Jewish History and Social Sciences


Day/Time Instructors Location
M12–2 Lavie, Amir OI 4420