Clark, Caryl

MA (McGill), MA, PhD (Cornell).

Research Interests: As a musicologist trained in western art music traditions, my research and teaching is deeply informed by politics and a desire to understand music at the borders—musical encounters on the periphery. Situated at the intersection of (ethno)musicology and Jewish Studies, my research and teaching in Jewish musical studies broadly explores the ways in which Jewish experience is reflected in WAM, and gives voice to Jewish musical expression within this hegemonic sphere. What roles have Jewish music and musicians played in the development of western art music traditions in Europe and North America? How does music express Jewish identity (and multiple/changing identities) across different locations and eras? How are Jews and Judaism represented in music? How are Jewish identities and experiences reflected in opera, musical theatre, film, popular musics, and in public/private, religious/secular contexts? What roles have Jews and Jewish émigrés performed in the development of musical modernism in Europe and the Diaspora, and in the rise of musical entrepreneurism? How has anti-Semitism been manifested in musical scholarship? Inserting perspectives of the historical ‘internal other’ into mainstream musicological inquiry expands disciplinary investigations of gender and sexuality in music, difference, and the performative.  

 Office: Faculty of Music, Room 257, 80 Queens Park